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Universal Design for Learning

Course, MIT, CMS.594 / CMS.894 (Fall'19 | Spring'20 | Fall'21)

Education Design Studio

Co-taught design studio course and lead unit on UDL


UDL & Analytics of Emotion

talk about how we measure and understand emotions with existing data from a UDL research perspective

Course, (Spring'17)

UDL 101

In this introductory UDL course, participants learn the research basis for and application of UDL to lesson design.


Emotional Journey Map

Emotional design lab considering how lighting a lightbulb using personas and journey map methods to understand the emotional experience of students

Summer Institute

UDL and Analytics

Chaired a panel on UDL and Analytics at the Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2104


Analytics of Emotion & Cognition

the complex role of emotion and engagement is discussed from the perspective of the interplay of emotion and cognition.

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